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Dr. Maria Loukas D.D.S.
Ron Mashburn

Dr. James Bowen is a dentist from Chipley, Florida, practicing in Panama City,  Florida.  He has been a dentist since 1992. Dr. Bowen has been on two missions with us and also volunteers with Florida Missions of Mercy and The Florida Baptist mobile dental bus, offering services to the underserved in North Florida. He is a family man and a deacon at the Chipley church of Christ. He enjoys reading, history, visiting battlefields and historic sites.  Dr. Bowen is selfless and has a love of people. This leads him to look for ways to serve others and to serve God.  He has been known to take impressions and deliver dentures to those who are homebound.  In the clinic, Dr. Bowen's gentle approach is comforting to our patients and brings calmness to the clinic. Thank you Dr Bowen, we are honored to serve with you.

"It is our duty and our privilege to help others. The Sula dental missions are a good opportunity to help the people of Honduras by relieving their pain, helping them smile, and making new friends. There is a lot that needs to be done.  It is good to be making a positive difference in the quality of their lives. -

Dr. James Bowen

Ron loves the people of Honduras.  It is through his efforts that the dental clinic is open.  Ron goes on every dental mission to maintain the equipment and make sure the volunteers have what they need to make the mission a success.

"I have been blessed beyond words to see the impact of this small clinic on the lives of people I have grown to love as family! Good dental hygiene and care is essential to good health, and I believe we are making a difference for them and their families. I am eternally grateful to everyone near and far who has contributed to making this dream a reality!"  Ron Mashburn

Dr Maria Loukas is a dentist/owner at Loukas Denistry in Park Ridge,  Illinois.  She has been practicing for over 30 years and has been going to Honduras since 2013.  Dr. Maria has a passion for helping others and she is vital part of the dental missions in Honduras.


"For me, personally there is nothing I would rather be doing than volunteer work.  It gives me total freedom to do what a "doctor" is supposed to do without any limitations.  The smiles, hugs and appreciation of the patients makes it worthwhile."  Dr. Maria

Dr. James Bowen, DMD

Marianne has been participating in our dental missions since 2017. She plays a vital role in our missions.  Though she is not a dental professional her organizational skills and "get things done" attitude keep the clinic running smoothly.  She has taken on the responsibility of learning the sterilization processes, allowing us to run our own operation rather than relying on the hospital.  This saves time and ensures the instruments are ready when needed. 

Marianne is on the board of Emerald Coast Missions, serving as the Secretary, and is involved in fundraising. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, cooking, making music, and spending time with her granddaughter Ember. 

Marianne Mashburn
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