Although we didn't plan it,  our September pre-team arrived just in time for Honduras Independence day!  We agreed to work late to allow us to take the time to enjoy the festivities in the town square. Honduras celebrates its independence on September 15th  along with four other countries, Guatamala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua.  The festivities place a strong emphasis on education with all the local school children dressing in costumes, performing dances and school bands marching in parades. 
The dental mission kicked off on Monday.  With two dentists, a hygienist, support staff and local dental students we were able to treat over 17o patients.  We are learning from each mission  and continue to improve our services as we become more efficient and organized.  We also try to improve the education aspect of our mission.  Everyone agreed that the highlight of the fall mission was visiting local schools.  We applied fluoride treatments to 200 school children..  It is our hope that by educating them about oral hygiene and using preventative treatments we can prevent caries and improve their health

The March 2018 dental mission marked five years of service to the people of Sula and the surrounding communities. We strive to continually increase our service and improve our patient experience. We treated over 160 patients and provided each with a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. One of the highlights of this mission was the addition of a monitor in the waiting room where we played oral hygiene videos geared toward both adults and children.  Dental themed activity books were also available to children.